Negotiation Video Series.

Fresh Ideas offers you a three hour course divided in 12 videos.   This is a complete lecture series that would normally take one day of class time, including discussion.   Here you have the main ideas, theories, and information presented in 10 to 20 minute videos.  You can stop them to take notes as you progress through them.  All of this information will be taken as understood for the face-to-face part of the course where we will put all of this into practice.  If you have any questions you can email me at




Before we start looking at the main elements of the negotiation course we have to define what is a negotiation, what are the different results you can expect from a negotiation and the way this course is designed.  When you have covered everything in this video you can move on with the rest of the videos.

2. Context (CAPS 1): (20 mins)

The first part of preparation is understanding the context the negotiation is set in - from the issues that are being discussed, to third parties, to power.  To understand the negotiation, you have to understand the environment it is happening in.

3. Actors (CAP 2): 16 mins

In the second stage of the CAPS preparation we look at the people who are involved in the negotiation - the reason the negotiation will work - or fail.

4. Primary Objectives (CAPS 3):  (20 mins)

The 3rd part of Preparation is understanding the Primary Objectives - Interests, Alternatives, Expectations, Unacceptable, Offer.


The final preparation stage is S for Solutions, how to put together possible packages BEFORE you start negotiating.  Especially important if you are not negotiating in your own language.  

6. ENTER (14 MINS)

Just like any relationship, first impressions count.  In a negotiation, the way you start will very often set the tone for the rest of the encounter.  Here we look at how to create a proper working rapport at the beginning of the negotiation.

7. EXPOSE (11 Mins)

The Expose stage of the PExSIX model is about uncovering interests and possibly explaining your own.  To do this you need to use effective questioning strategies and active listening.

8. EXPLORE (11 mins)

In the Explore stage of the negotiation we look at how to come up with potential solutions, using brainstorming techniques and then how to propose them to do the other side.

9. EXCHANGE (14 mins)

The Exchange stage of the negotiation is what many people think the entire negotiation is about.  Here is where the competitive negotiators excel - haggling, bargaining and pushing for what they want.

10. END (10 mins)

Even if you do not reach an agreement it is important to end the negotiation on a positive note.  In this video we look at the contract, some common tricks you should be aware of and how to ensure that you can put the agreement into practice later.

11. ENFORCE (13 mins)

In this video we look at the seventh stage of the PEXSIX model - the importance of implementing the agreement - and how this also forms part of the negotiation.  


In this video, we cover five of the main areas that are relevant to culture and negotiations - communication, power & authority, thinking styles collective vs individual, time & space.

We hope you have enjoyed this video series on Negotiations.  If you  have any questions about any of the areas we have covered in the videos you can contact me at

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